September 22, 2021

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CPA Marketing

If you’ve ever been interested in PPC or CPA marketing then you MUST head over to CashTactics to read Ruck’s latest series entitled “The CPA Marketing Series” It’s only just begun over the past few days and already a wealth of information has been covered and knowledge has been shared. I’ve really been impressed with all of the information, strategies and knowledge that Ruck has shared with his readers.

This series is not the typical series of posts where everything is glossed over and just barely touched upon. So far each post in the series has gone in-depth explaining everything you need to know to get your PPC CPA Marketing campaign off the ground and profitable. I’ve been intently following this series and trying things out and I’m finally excited to get into PPC. As Ruck has said he’s only scratched the surface so far and has a lot more information in store for his readers.

Monthly Marketing Reviews

I’m happy to have found CashTactics and even happier that there is someone out there that isn’t afraid to share their knowledge in an in-depth no topic left untouched manner. I highly recommend you take a look at this series if you are even remotely interested in PPC. I’d also recommend signing up for the forums at CashTactics as there is a lot of information in there, plus Ruck is pretty quick with helping you out there too!

I probably say this in most of the monthly reviews I post, but it’s hard to believe that February is already over! (even with an extra day) February turned out to be a busy month for me in a number of ways both online and in my day to day life. In terms of this blog, it’s been a relatively successful month, though I there are places that I would like to improve upon. So without further ado here’s my month in review and goals for March.

Earned $1000 income with eBay affiliate

Income seems to be the thing that interests most people so I’ll start out with that. In my February goals post I posted saying how I’d like to reach $1000 income for February, but unfortunately I didn’t make it. A few setbacks in my eBay affiliate sites made it a slightly slower month than I had hoped, but it still turned out to be a decent one:

  • eBay Affiliate – $500.62
  • Tribal Fusion – $204.98
    TOTAL: $705.60

As I said above, I had a few setbacks with my eBay stores and wasn’t able to create the 6 new stores I had planned for February. Unfortunately my eBay earnings have been trailing off at the end of the month. Even so, I was happy to hit the $500 plateau for my eBay earnings and already have a $490 check on the way from Commission Junction. For March I’d like to reach at least $600 in commissions from my eBay stores and launch 3 new stores by month’s end.

RSS Readers

February has been an up and down month in terms of readership and I can certainly understand why. As I discussed back in the middle of January, I’ve decided to reduce my posting schedule and only write when I have something meaningful to say or have the time to post. Ideally I’d like to see myself posting around twice a week or 8-10 posts per month right now.

With only 4 posts last month, my RSS feed count tended to rise with the new content and then dropped in between posts. In February I hit a high of 118 readers and for March I’d like to see my readership level off around 125 which is quite doable provided I write more content!


As I mentioned at the start of this post, February was a very busy month for me personally as well. At my job we launched a new version of our software which entailed a lot work from everyone on staff. That coupled with the fact that I had bronchitis for a good week made for a stressful few weeks. I’ve also found myself increasingly tired after work and need to figure out how to re-energize myself for the evening where I think I have the most potential to work on my internet ventures and where I have the most time to spend with those close to me.

Overall I’m happy with what February brought me, but not content with it. I know I can do better and produce more and that’s my overall goal for March. If you have a post reviewing your February or outlining your March goals feel free to leave a link as a comment on this post!

Good luck everyone!