September 22, 2021

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Damn It Feels Good to Be an eBay Affiliate

eBay affiliate

In this article we are talking about eBay Affiliate and About 2 months ago I read a post over on Earners Blog where Stuart outlined the process for creating a WordPress powered eBay affiliate store and was inspired to try it out. The general idea behind it is use WordPress to create a niche store running the phpBayPro plugin ($39 to purchase) and earn commissions through Commission Junction.

Who handles eBay’s affiliate program. It sounded simple enough and Stuart was convincing enough that I gave the process a try and I’m glad that I did. Over the past month I’ve setup a total of 2 niche sites running the phpBayPro plugin and WordPress and I’ve found the whole process to be quick and profitable. Below you can see a screenshot of my earnings for the past 20 days.

eBay Affiliate


I know it’s not a blow you away number like $10,000 or anything, but it’s a modest sum of around $300 over 20 days which averages out to $15/day. But, the best part about this is that I’m making this off of just 2 sites which means each niche store is earning over $150/mo. Over the next 2 months I’m planning to launch and promote another 10-20 of these stores and if I can keep an average of $150/mo per store I could end up generating over $3,000/mo from my niche eBay stores.

What is even better is the fact that I recently developed phpBayAds (eBay Affiliate Ad Units) and I’m starting to generate cash using these ads on a number of websites that I own. I know one of the rules that you always read about making money online is to “never put all of your eggs in one basket”

Making money through the eBay Affiliate Program

If this process can generate a good income over the next few months then I will maximize this revenue and when it starts to dwindle I will move on to new concepts. Right now it’s clear that the eBay affiliate arena is hot and I plan to cash in on it.

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One thing to remember about making money through the eBay affiliate program is that it all hinges on your ability to drive traffic to your sites. The hardest part of creating these niche stores is getting people to visit them. Currently I’m driving around 40-70 unique visitors a day to my stores and as long as it’s targeted quality traffic you will definitely see conversions.

Good Luck!