September 22, 2021

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Entrecard Credits & Advertising

Entrecard Credits & Advertising

I’ve been using Entrecard now for about a month and have raked in right around 600 credits as it stands right now. Instead of using them myself, I’d like to give them away as part of a contest! (how nice of me?)

How you enter, It’s quite simple! All you need to do is subscribe to my RSS feed and leave a comment on this posting saying you’ve done so. If you are already subscribed, please just leave a comment and I will still give you an entry! If you’d like a bonus entry, please subscribe to my feed via Email and I will give you an additional entry! Just leave a comment saying you’ve done so.

Now what is it that you win? Well obviously the winner will receive my 600 entrecard credits as well as any credits I accrue from now until the end of the contest. In addition to the credits I’ll be throwing in 1 month of advertising on my blog in the form of a 125×125 banner. I will also be linking to your blog in the post announcing the winner.

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The contest will run until Friday, March 7th, 2008 at which point I will randomly select a winner, write up a post about the contest and contact the winner via email.

Good luck in the contest and thanks for reading!