September 22, 2021

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Freelancing the Answer to Job Security


In this article we are talking about Freelancing the Answer to Job Security. With the US economy is a recession and the unemployment rates getting larger by the month it’s no wonder that many Americans are questioning their own job’s security.

Personally, I find myself looking into a cloudy future with respect to my current 9-5 job. I could literally be out of a job in under a month! Planning ahead I’ve already begun my search of the various online job search tools available to find my next full-time position, but I’m hardly worried about my financial future. Why?

Part-time Freelancing

One word….Freelancing. I’ve been doing part-time freelance work through the site Rent-A-Code for the past 4-5 years and earned a couple hundred dollars a month when I chose to take on work. I’ve always thought of how great it would be if I could just do freelance programming as my full-time job.

No commute, no co-workers, no boss. It sounds like a great life, but never having lived it it’s hard to say. Yet finally the economy and job market may give me the opportunity to embrace this lifestyle and see what I can make of myself.

So the question remains is freelancing the answer to job security? Well in some respects yet and others no. It’s true I could never lose my job because I’m self-employed at that point, but it also means that I need to get a steady flow of paying jobs getting the money and paid your bills in daily life. I know that if I am to succeed at freelancing full-time that I’ll need to pull in $2000-$3000 a month and that I’ll need to push myself to take bigger and better (paying) jobs.

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Internet is a way to bring income

Am I worried? No! The internet provides me with so many different ways to bring in income that I know that the worst case is that I just break even month to month until I find a full-time 9-5 position. Better yet, the best case is that I make far more than I would at my full-time 9-5 positions and embrace a lifestyle that from afar looks attractive….only time will tell.

Are you a full-time freelancer? Do you have any dreams of making money online as your only income? Tell us your thoughts in comment session, Thank you!! I’d be very interested in knowing more.